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Want a guided tour through the Förderturm?

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As in the last year, on both days we offer a guided tour through the Förderturm Bönen. Each day the tour is from 5:45 pm to 7 pm (so you will not miss any band) and is free of cost. There is again a max. number of participants on each day but this year we'll raffle the seats.

Raffle closes Thursday, 28th February, 12 pm.

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Sorry, the raffle is for 2-day-tickets only.

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1-day ticket
presale 27 €
box office 29 €

2-day ticket
presale 44 €
box office 49 €

► The 2-day ticket includes a limited CD compilation with exclusive tracks of all performing artists.

► When paying via Paypal, we have to add 1 € per ticket (Paypal-fee)!